How to Trade Hammer Candlesticks?

The hammer candlestick is a popular pattern that works well in different financial markets. Traders use this popular pattern when gauging the probability of the proper outcomes while looking at the price movement. An Algo trading app can be used for this.

However, when this pattern is combined with other trading methods, fundamental analysis can be done better. The hammer candlestick pattern also offers clear insights into various trading opportunities. In this article, you can get an idea of the overview, how the hammer candlestick patterns work, pattern types, and even the pros and cons for better knowledge.

How Do Candlesticks Work?

When you see a candlestick chart, you will find that every candle relates to one particular period. If you check the daily chart, you can see that each candle represents a specific trading activity. In the case of the 4-hour chart, each candle represents 4-hour trading. According to market research, there are 173,98 occurrences of hammer candlestick patterns in the market.

All the candlesticks have an open price and a closed price. In the case of the wick or shadow, it indicates both the highest and lowest prices within that particular timeframe.

Hammer Candlestick Pattern Example:

Traders can use this Hammer candlestick pattern because it is an excellent additional tool for analyzing market performance. They use it as an advanced trading strategy and can even participate in the Algo trading partner program to elevate their portfolio with cutting-edge algorithmic trading solutions. If a trader follows the intraday opportunities, the Hammer pattern can support identifying an ideal buying entry.

EUR/USD can give you a perfect illustration of how the hammer patterns appear on a market.

For several seasons, the EUR/USD has been trending lower and ended up hitting the 1.1398 point at the close. In the next period, another market drop of a further 30 points decreased the price to 1.1368. Then again, it reverses and climbs to 1.1390 points before the closing.

Technical traders can expect the eurodollar to enter a new uptrend following this classic hammer pattern chart.

What Types of Hammer Candlestick Patterns Are Present?

The hammer candlestick pattern is created when you find candle-like patterns showing a small body and a long lower wick. The wick is usually twice the size of the candle's body. On the other hand, the long lower shadow indicates that the sellers push the price down before the buyers push it back to the upper position.

Below, we mention some patterns that can be followed with an Options strategy builder

Bullish Hammers:

Hammer Candlestick Pattern

The bullish candlestick hammer forms when the closing price exceeds the opening price. It indicates that the buyers must control the market before the closing of the trading period.

Inverted Hammer Candlestick Pattern

In the case of an inverted hammer candlestick pattern, the opening price is lower than the closing price. The long wick in the body indicates that the buying pressure here pushes the price higher and drags it back down before the movement closes. The inverted hammer pattern is like the bullish reversal pattern that forms after a downtrend. An Options trading app can be used to check this.

Bearish Hammers:

Hanging Man Candlestick:

The bearish hammer hanging man candlestick pattern shows when the opening amount exceeds the closing price and shows a red candle. The wick here indicates that the trading market is experiencing selling pressure. As a result, it suggests a reversal to the downside position.

Shooting Star Candlestick:

A shooting star candlestick is called a bearish inverted hammer. It looks like a regular inverted hammer, but instead of a bullish one, it shows a picture of the potential bearish reversal. Shooting star candlesticks are like inverted hammers, which happen after an uptrend. They are created when the opening amount is higher than the closing price. Here, the wick suggests the upward market movement might end soon.

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What is Algo Trading?

Trading Strategies Using the Hammer Candlestick Pattern

Traders can apply different strategies when they go for hammer candlestick trading patterns. In this way, they can plan the entry or exit points. Below, we are mentioning some of the hammer candlestick pattern strategies that you can follow:
  • Support and Resistance Strate

Support and resistance strategies denote the price levels on the lower and higher sides. These are not broken easily, but you can witness a significant price movement once the strategies are broken. However, the trader can predict the correct price using ideal price action. During trading, the hammer candlestick is considered by traders as a confirming indicator of the bullish trend.
  • Price Action Strategy

Regarding the Price action trading strategy, traders can focus on analyzing the price movements and patterns in the chart. While applying this strategy using an Options trading app, the hammer candlestick works as a signal and allows traders to enter a long position. A bullish candlestick also follows it.
  • Top-Bottom Strategy

In this strategy, identifying the bottom is the prime target. When you reach the new low, an indecision candle appears in the charts. This is followed by the proper formation of the hammer candlestick trading pattern, which usually indicates a bullish reversal. Traders can take advantage of a price rise while considering entering.

The Pros and Cons of the Hammer Candlestick Patterns

Regarding pros and cons, every candlestick pattern has its own. However, even if you use an Algo trading software, no tool or indicator can guarantee 100% profit. It applies to each financial market. The hammer candlestick patterns work better when combined with different trading strategies.


The hammer candlestick pattern is great for identifying different trend reversals present in any financial market.

Traders use these hammer patterns in various timeframes; they find them useful in both day trading and swing trading.


Depending on the context, the hammer candlestick pattern works. However, there is no assurance that trend reversals will occur.

Hammer candlestick patterns are not that reliable. Traders should always combine this pattern with other strategies, for example - Options strategy builder and different trading tools, to increase success chances.


The hammer candlestick pattern is considered a useful tool that assists traders in marking different potential trend reversals. Like other trading strategies, these hammer candles are more useful when combined with the right analysis tools and proper technical indicators. An Algo trading app also works great here.

What's more? Use this method for proper risk management, evaluate the ideal reward ratio of the trades, and avoid big losses in cases of high volatility.

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How to Trade Hammer Candlesticks?
Nildeep 13 October, 2023
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