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Designed for Professional Options Trading Strategy Creators , Brokers, Sub-Broker

Attention brokers and sub-brokers and Algo Trading Strategy Creators! Are you looking for a reliable B2B solution for Algo Trading? Look no further than SpeedBot Enterprise Solution. Our platform is user-friendly and packed with features to help you streamline business. Completely monetize your Business by using Algo Trading Strategy.

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Algo trading means huge flexibility for the Brokers & the Sub-brokers. Who better than SpeedBot could be a reliable partner for Algo trading services? 

Presenting SpeedBot Enterprise Solution, our customized white-branded solutions for Algo Creators, Brokers & Sub-broker firms. SpeedBot Enterprise serves you to provide Top-notch & High-tech Algo Trading Services under your Brand label. 

That’s right! It comes with all the sophisticated Trading Technology stack and trading features - To serve your precious clients with the Algo Trading services all under your brand umbrella.

Some of the Benefits for the Algo Creators, Share Market Brokers and Sub-Brokers :

  • With SpeedBot Enterprise you get a unified, cloud based, ready to offer solutions for your tech-savvy Investors.

  • Client retention provides them a High-Tech user Experience with Algo Trading Cloud-based system.

  • SpeedBot Enterprise Solution with Custom branding takes your Share Brokerage Business Brand to the Next Level as Tech-Savvy.

  • Key Features like Advanced risk management tools of SpeedBot Enterprise can be key differentiating for your Algo Trading Clients.

Enterprise Branding

Brand out your Algo Trading Strategy Bots

Custom Branding

SpeedBot is one of the top-quality Algo trading platform rich in services & features. We are now providing customized branding of those features for Brokers or sub-broker to take advantage of the most advanced technology.

Multiple Broker Integration

Our 100% easy seamless Integration will give brokers complete power of our Algo Trading solutions. So you can serve clients even better and save time to focus on onboarding new clients as well as scaling the business to the next level.  

Broker API Integrated

We also support integration with well-known brokers in India & USA.

Scale your Algo Business

Create your Strategy and Sell More

API Access

API Access for Algo trading services through these White-label services would let Broker firms provide Absolutely top quality services to their End-clients.


Our solutions are thoroughly scalable. It is fully supportive no matter whether you are operating at a Small, medium, large, or even bigger scale. Scaling would be easy as dedicated servers and cutting-edge resources are used to trade multiple strategies, and contracts in an efficient manner.

Enterprise Support

SpeedBot has a dedicated support team in place as a Helping hand you need in any case & anytime. Broker firms can reach out to us anytime in case of any issues or queries & We will ensure the fastest disposal of queries. 


SpeedBot Console

Admin Panel & Risk-management Tools

SpeedBot algo trading solutions come with an admin panel to cater to your execution and monitoring trading needs. SpeedBot Admin Panel is designed keeping in mind the sophisticated Institutional Level Algo Infrastructure. So that you are completely in control of Algo Trading Services being provided at your firm.

You would be able to provide all trading requirements under one roof to your end-clients. So they also won’t need to go elsewhere.

To give your Customers as good trading experience as possible - We’ve developed excellent risk management tools. Through AI & Machine learning in trade decision makings, SpeedBot’s risk management tools will allow your Traders to gain maximum results in any market conditions.

Performance Tracking & Reporting

We also provide absolutely Real-time performance tracking for Brokerage firms that use our services - Including Live  and Backtesting Report Management.

So that you can always keep an Eye on How the Entire service is Going on & Feel ensured. SpeedBot is Fully committed to Data & detailed reporting.

Once you start using our custom branding services - You can generate detailed reports & Get all the Information regarding how our Algo Trading Strategies are performing for your Firm.

Why Make Your Business Growth Wait?

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FAQs Related to SpeedBot FOR Enterprise B2B Solution

Enroll with SpeedBot for enterprise now and create your own branded, cloud-based algo trading platform for your clients. Create your own option strategies, showcase them to potential clients, and sell your strategies. Don't wait, start monetizing your expertise and grow business. 

Unlock the power of Speedbot Enterprise for your business and take your trading game to the next level! Our B2B pricing is tailored to your specific needs, so why wait? Get in touch with our team now and let's discuss how we can help you succeed! Drop us an email or give us a call at +91 8488949163 to get started.

To monitor your customers' positions, you will have a complete access to the Speedbot dashboard. SpeedBot platform provides you with all the necessary features for Algo Trading, allowing you to control and keep track of all your customers' positions in real-time.

Yes, you have the flexibility to design and implement your own unique trading strategies using SpeedBot. Use SpeedBot Strategy creator to create your own strategy, backtest, and use it in a live trade.

SpeedBot B2B Branding Infrastructure comes with a built-in execution error and retry mechanism that helps your Algo trading platform to dodge such errors. However, we have faced such scenarios only 1-2% of the time since we launched the SpeedBot Algo Trading Platform.

With SpeedBot Enterprise, you can offer your subscribers or customers a ready to enroll Algo trading solutions. Our Enterprise onboarding team sets your own Strategies on your White Branded Instance. And you can market it directly to you Customers.