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Automate your highly sophisticated trading strategies so you can focus on business while the bot makes you money. 

Trading Made Easy & Simple

You define the strategy, set margins, and start it running. That's it. No coding is required, and no experience is needed with SpeedBot algo trading software.

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Redefine Your Trading With AI-Driven Algo Trading Bots

SpeedBot an  Algorithmic Trading Platform  will help you make fortunes in the stock market without direct knowledge of stocks, options, futures, and other markets. It's like having a financial analyst on your computer with SpeedBot algo trading software.

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Trade in any market from anywhere with a wide range of supported demat account brokers.

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Maximize Earnings & Simplify Your Trading Procedures Using Our Robust Algorithmic Trading App Designed for Individual Brokers, Sub-Brokers, and Institutional Traders.

Options Algo Trading Simplified

SpeedBot Algo Trading

Pre-Built Options Strategies Templates

Access multiple trading options that help you get maximum returns on your investment. The Ready-made Options strategies bot templates   are designed to act upon the movement of market trends, providing users with a hassle-free experience and assured profits. 

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Create Options Trading Strategies

Use Options Algo Strategy Builder to create your options Trading strategy in minutes.  

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Trade From Anywhere : With SpeedBot’s Options Algo Trading Software


SpeedBot is one of the best algo trading app which runs on a sophisticated and secure cloud infrastructure and can be connected from anywhere using Web and Mobile Apps.  

Connect to Your  Existing Broker

SpeedBot can be connected with all the major Indian and USA brokers.

For the US Stock Market, Tradier can be integrated. Connect with us to integrate the Tradier account and start trading in the USA Stock Exchange.

Trade on  Major Exchanges of India & USA

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A Leading Algo Trading Software Used by Thousands of Individual Traders/Broker/Sub-brokers in India & USA
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SpeedBot is For You, If You Are...


Trade Guru

Are you an expert trade analyst?  Have some strategies to test and trade automatically with?  

Validate your sophisticated strategy by drafting it with our “No Code” bot builder and backtesting it on the engine to get an extensive report of cases based on the purified historical data.

Amateur Trader

Do not know any trading strategies?

No worries, you can use ready to use trading template to get started with trading on SpeedBot.  Validate the strategy by doing paper trading and GO LIVE with the bot to automate the trading to skip the manual trading and expect profit.

Day-Trader and Investors

Have been trading for years now? Already have some strategies and want to check their efficiency?

Inherit your current strategies into a bot and use backtesting engine for its precise analytical reports. Compare various strategies and choose the most efficient one and automate trading with the trade bot. Set the exit and entry regulations to cease the loss.

Future and Options Trader

If you are a regular discretionary trader, SpeedBot is for you to make your trading process systematic and automated. Create your own trading systems with SpeedBot Bot Builder.

With focus on do it yourself (DIY) approach use speedbot algo trading platform to create complex options trading strategies!

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Working Professional

Are you a super busy individual professional?

Don't give up your day job, you can still trade without diversifying your energy. You don't have to be a financial expert!

Let the bot work for you while you work on your main Hustle.

SpeedBot Algo Autotrading  is just a  signup away to Explore

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And Automate your Trading with SpeedBot

RoboTrading - No More Limited to Big Financial Players. So What are you waiting for?

How SpeedBot Algo Trading Software Works?
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After a quick sign-up on SpeedBot, it takes you to browse the well-performing TradeBots to subscribe to.

1. Browse SpeedBot Algo Templates

Browse through the bots templates, categorized based on your investment style. Get a detailed report & analyze the historical trade performance and paper trade it.  

2. Analyse Backtest Reports

With a quick glance at the accurate and intuitive backtest reports, your decision towards choosing & subscribing to the SpeedBot to your account.

3. Subscribe The Trade Bot To Your Account

Once you subscribe to the bot linking your broker account or paper test - Sit Back and Relax!
SpeedBot will do the rest.

About SpeedBot Algo Trading Bots

Backtest Reports

Key Statistics

SpeedBot provides real-time Analysis Reports with all the key statistical indicators describing the overall performance of the Bot in the live market & historical data.

Cumulative Returns

The overall graphical report shows the cumulative returns over the sample portfolio.

Monthly & Annual Returns

Heatmap chart showing month-on-month profitability. And the Annual return comparison statistics.

Note : The screenshots demonstrate the structure of the backtesting report. it doesn't claim any guaranteed performance or profit assurance.  

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FAQs Related to SpeedBot Algo Trading Software

SpeedBot is a new way to trade on the stock market using Automatic trading strategies - AI-powered algo engines that only need to point and click when you create a strategy. Once created, it will trade for you without any need of human interaction. 

Algorithmic trading or automated trading is a method of determining the execution, entry, or exit of a financial transaction without human interaction. It is characterized by high speed and high frequency and can be applied to both manual and automated trading strategies using algo trading software.

  1. Analysis and execution together on the same platform.

  2. End-to-end seamless management of the users. e.g. one bot in multiple accounts and multiple bots in common accounts setup

  3. Order precision

  4. "No code" Strategy builder - to build future and option strategies without any programming knowledge.

Trading bots are actually trading strategies with defined regulations with entry/exit rules. Algo trading uses computer programs with pre-defined parameters to trade at a speed that is impossible for a normal human to trade. Trading Bots actually do help in trading. They don't only provide the necessary platform for order placement but also increase your chances of winning.

Yes. You can start with the minimum investment mentioned while and can also enter it at the time of Strategy Building. Also, for the strategies listed on Marketplace, you can check the 'Initial Capital' under each strategy, and must add atleast similar Funds into your brokerage account while making that strategy LIVE.

 Algo trading is a legal, legitimate, and unique way to trade in India and USA using algo trading software.

Stock Trading Algorithms help traders to trade the stock market systematically. Systematic execution of trades would help traders to get better entry and exit prices which is not possible with discretionary trading. Using such algos would help to minimize risk and these algos you can find through only algo trading software like SpeedBot.

Yes, As traditional trading can be pursued as full-time, Technical Analysts can master Strategy building on Algo Trading app platforms and Offer their Strategies/Services to target customers who are looking for someone who can help them invest their capital. 

Yes. SpeedBot has an in-Built 'No Code' Bot builder allowing traders to create their own strategy into an Auto Trading Bot without coding. Strategies can be tested onto a backtesting engine to check its performance and additional optimization can be implied to get a better version of the Bot.

To monitor your placed orders on SpeedBot, follow these steps: Login to Your SpeedBot Account - Navigate to the Dashboard - View Open Orders - Check Order History. 

By following this steps you can easily monitor your orders on the algo trading software of SpeedBot.

To create strategies on algo trading software like SpeedBot you all have to choose your approach like you will choose No-code builder or Pre-built templates. After that, you can build your strategy, Backtest and Optimize it, and just make it live.

The main distinction between a full backtest and a quick backtest lies in the depth of analysis and the computational resources involved. A full backtest involves a comprehensive examination of a trading strategy using historical market data, considering a wide range of factors such as price movements, volume, and other relevant indicators.

On the other hand, a quick backtest is a more streamlined and faster process, often focusing on essential parameters to provide a rapid assessment of a strategy's viability. While a quick backtest offers efficiency, it may not capture the nuanced details of market behavior as comprehensively as a full backtest.

Smart orders in algo trading refer to advanced and automated order types designed to optimize execution strategies and enhance trading performance.

SpeedBot’s algo trading software is having multiple readymade options strategies available like given below:

1) Options Golden Circle

2) Momentum Master

3) Macro Magic

4) Silent Killer

5) Market Juggler

6) Options Oracle


One Platform. Everything Included.

  Trading Templates

Templates offer predefined parameters and rules, reducing manual intervention and optimizing trade execution. By customizing parameters to suit market conditions, traders can easily create trading bot to work according to their strategy.

  “No Code” Bot Builder

Build your own bot from the trading strategies without any programming skills needed. Add 200+ technical Indicators to generate Profit by the Smart and Emotionless Trade Bot to trade for you.

  Backtesting Engine

Simulated Test of your Trade Idea based on an Accurate historical data set.
Get accurate analytical reports of the test. Check the efficiency and enhance the strategy if needed. Test it differently based on different time horizons and candle sizes.

  Options Trading

Through Speedbot you can access multiple trading options that help you get maximum returns on your investment. The options trading bots are designed to act upon the movement of market trends, providing users with a hassle-free experience and assured profits.
Not Enough? Reach out to us if you have your own Options Strategy.

  Trading Engine

Run your Algorithmic Trading Bot efficiently on the trading engine and Deploy it with the Brokers. Get live notifications of the trades executed based on your trading conditions on the broker’s app.

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Website & Web App Content Disclaimer: The Strategic Trade Bots related Information in the strategy builder, Templates and Other Learning Content Sections are either created for the Mathematical Analysis and learning approach for Quantitative Analysis on the Historical Data of various Stocks and Derivative Market Data or published by the respective Publishers declared respectively with the content with the only intention of Education. The user should not consider it as an Investment advised by SpeedBot or its employee. Also, SpeedBot or its employee is not liable for the Wrong Order placement of the strategy due to the false integration/setup of the Broker or Strategy by the Creator.