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ROBO/ Bot Creator

Create a trading bot that is completely tailored to meet your specific trading habits and financial situation on our platform.
No Code Bot Builder

The best way to inherit your Trading Strategies into a bot is with the “No Code” Bot Builder.  With the No code Bot Builder, you can build and customize your own Trade Bot, add your own indicators or combine 200+ indicators from the which we offer.

Rule your Risk on Each Trade

Just choose your risk profile, build your bot easily without the programming skills, connect your trading accounts and your bot is ready to trade. 

It doesn't need sleep, just eat some time to calculate the price levels of algorithmic indicators you have chosen. Even the most experienced traders join us to be sure about their new idea first or automate their existing strategies. After all, who knows better than he who made the rules.

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Trading Templates

SpeedBot offers customizable trading templates for both options and equity markets of India and the USA. These templates enable users to create their strategies effortlessly, without the need for coding, allowing for quick deployment and optimization the trading bots.

Create Custom Algo Trading Strategies in No Time

Don't know how to code? No worries! Using SpeedBot template and strategy bot builder, one can create own option and equity bots in no time with out any coding knowledge. 

Option Strategy Templates
Access pre-built templates for popular option trading strategies such as covered calls, protective puts, straddles, and more, allowing you to capitalize on various market scenarios.

Equity Trading Templates
Seamlessly integrate equity trading templates for strategies like momentum trading, value investing, and swing trading, empowering you to diversify your portfolio and quickly change trading strategy in volatile market.

Trading Strategy Customization
Template can be easily modified using parameters such as asset allocation, entry/exit criteria, and risk tolerance using Bot builder with your unique trading preferences and objectives, enabling personalized algo trading strategies without the need for coding.

SpeedBot is more than just an automated bot trading platform.

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Backtesting Engine

Accuracy in DNA

Backtest the accuracy of your current strategies based on the historical data from past years. Get accurate and precise test results using multiple time horizons and candle size on highly purified data.  We provide robust software that generates automated trading strategies that take into account historical data to provide you with detailed reports on how much a particular trading technique would accomplish, with no margin of error. 

Advanced Reports

Receive accurate backtest reports for  Key Statistics, Advanced Statistics, Orders, Positions, Portfolio Valuation Chart, Monthly Returns, Annual Return.

Get data about total Trading Fee charges for more accurate ROI calculations

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Trading Engine

Your Smart SpeedBot in Action

SpeedBot  implements your unique strategies onto the trading engine to make you go live with your  Trading Bot . Accurately place orders in real-time based on your strategy conditions. Integrated  brokers  in the system and hence get the trading notification within the broker app to check on order transactions and portfolio.

At the same time, it also analyzes market depth, to make sure it places the orders right in the market 

Risk Management

SpeedBot  has various built-in strategies. It considers the trend, volatility, and range of indicators while providing long-term live strategies. 

All Risk in Control

Risk management  is considered in the live strategies. So if the strategy goes wrong even after validation due to a new market trend, the  SpeedBot  will stop the strategy as per your risk appetite.  Even if a strategy fails you will be alerted and advised to close that strategy. 

So, in a way, it does day trading for you by trading for maximum profits at the highest speed within your risk management level. 

Strategy Validation

Did Your Trade Guru Come Up With a New Strategy?
Do You Want To Test It?

SpeedBot's No Code Bot Builder is right there for you.
Draft the strategy using SpeedBot and test it based on historical data including every edge case.

Advanced Statistical & Graphical Reports

Detailed statistics of your Trade strategy or Technique will be provided in the report. 

Eg. Profit & Loss, CAGR, Max Drawdown, etc.