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SpeedBot has been marked the most preferred Mobile app by so many traders across India and the USA. Our platform provides super smooth Integrations with Multiple broker platforms out there.

We make sure your Trading experience is 100% seamless & You can purely focus on your Strategies without worrying about anything else. One of the main USPs making SpeedBot, the leading options trading app in the market.

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  • If you want to have your own Personal Bot for Options Trading, SpeedBot has got you covered.

  • The SpeedBot Creator allows you to create your Personal Options trading bot within seconds. Traders can deeply customize the Bot as per their Trading approach & Strategy. With our Faster Trading Order placing functionality, your trades are in safe hands.

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Options Algo Trading Simplified:

SpeedBot has developed a dedicated Benchmark quality “Options Trading Bots”. Discover these bots trained with years of Market data, timeframe-based performances, market trend movements & Lots more.

5 Reasons  Why SpeedBot’s Options Trading Bots are Profitable for you:
  • Intensely trained with Past years’ market data

  • Excellent market movement predictions

  • Auto Safeguarding from Heavy Losses

  • Proven profit maker

  • Everything is Instant & Zero delays

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Backtest to Validate on Historical Options Data

Quick Backtesting provides the detailed report of the Strategy behaviours with backtested Trade book.


Faqs Related to Options Algo Trading

Investors can speculatively predict the future direction of the general stock market or specific securities, such as stocks or bonds, through the use of options trading. Algo Trading makes it easy by automating Investor's trading decisions within the regulated rules 

You will need an Options Trading Account; Targetted options to trade upon; Market Knowledge and Strategies for Buy/Sell. Too much, right? Use SpeedBot to automate your Options Trading Strategy. Just connect your Brooker App with SpeedBot and let the Algorithm work for you.

SpeedBot Algo Trading provides the most competitive pricing to complete the trades. Placing trade orders is Quick, Precise, and Emotionless (there is a high chance of execution at the desired levels). To prevent material price movements, trades are executed immediately and at the proper time.  It can reduce the Brokerage expenses.

Yes . SpeedBot has an in-Built 'No Code' Bot builder allowing traders to create their own strategy into an Auto Trading Bot without coding. Strategies can be tested onto a backtesting engine to check its performance and additional optimization can be implied to get a better version of the Bot.

Options trading carries inherent risks due to the potential for significant losses if the market moves unfavorably. The level of risk is influenced by factors like volatility, time decay, and the complexity of the chosen options strategies. Thus, it is difficult to categorize specific trading strategies as inherently less or more risky than others.

With SpeedBot, there are no additional charges for options trading. All you need to do is subscribe to our monthly or yearly plan and integrate your broker with SpeedBot. This allows you to seamlessly engage in options trading without incurring any extra fees from our platform for Option trading. Check out of subscription plan here

Time decay, also known as theta, is a crucial factor in options trading. It refers to the gradual erosion of an option's value as it approaches its expiration date. The impact of time decay varies based on the time remaining until expiration, the strike price, and the underlying asset's volatility. As each day passes, the value of an option decreases, all else being equal. Traders should be aware of time decay and its potential effects when considering options strategies, as it can significantly impact the profitability of a trade.

Options trading involves certain risks, including market risk, volatility risk, and time decay. Traders should carefully consider these risks before engaging in options trading.

One can live track investment value in realtime whether its in profit or loss from the SpeedBot Dashboard.

SpeedBot is recognized as one of the leading and preferred options trading apps in India and USA. It has gained popularity among traders due to its user-friendly interface, seamless integration with brokers, advanced trading features, risk management backtesting and ready to use strategies. With its comprehensive suite of functionalities, SpeedBot offers a reliable platform for traders to engage in options trading effectively and efficiently.

Yes, SpeedBot provides tested Strategies on the Marketplace and is a totally reliable Options Trading App. We also develop custom strategies and provide complete testing before deploying them to perform regular market trades in Paper Trade or Live trade mode.

SpeedBot stands out from other options trading apps due to its user-friendly interface, Speed and seamless integration with brokers, allowing for convenient trading directly from the platform. The app also offers advanced algorithms, real-time market data, and risk management features to assist users in making informed trading decisions.

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