SpeedBot Pricing Plan

SpeedBot is one of the best Algo Trading Execution Platforms allowing the Subscriber to Develop Custom Strategies, Backtest, and Run(execute) your Trading in the Managed systematic Cloud-based environment with all controls in your hand.

Simplified Pricing for Institutional Grade Algo Trading Technology

Our platform prices are highly simplified to empower all individual Traders with sophisticated technology.

Empower Your Trading Strategy With The Sophistication Of Algo Trading Bots Today!

You have the option to choose your plan. Either you select  Pay as You Go OR Select Any Subscription Plan

New! Pricing Plans - Pay as You Go

Benefits of New Wallet Credit-based Pricing Plan

  • Flexible Usage: Maximum usage out of your wallet Credits.

  • No Fixed Monthly Billing: Now you don't need to pay for full month Platform fees for your Live/Paper Running Bots.

  • Freedom of Analysis: when you are in the Algorithm/Bot Analysis phase all your credits can be used for Backtesting & Analysis

  • Benefits of Referral: You can earn Free Credits in your account by referring your peer Traders on SpeedBot.

  • No need for  Payment Card Binding.

Nothing can be more Transparent pricing than this, where SpeedBot Charge credits for what Costs to SpeedBot.

Wallet Credit-Based Pricing

  1. Backtest FREE

    Per Month 1 Backtest

  2. Live Bot

    Per Live Bot Deployment Per Day

  3. Paper Bot

    Per Paper Bot Deployment Per Day

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                    SpeedBot Subscription Plans

                    Indian Traders Can Find the INR PRICE In The App Once You Signup.

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                    FAQs related to SpeedBot pricing

                    No, Plans once charged are not refundable.

                    Currently, SpeedBot has monthly and annual billing plans available for subscribers. One can also choose a one-time payment while purchasing the subscription. So customers who face issues with auto-payment can do the payment one-time and again need to process the payment once the one-month subscription plan is over.

                    Yes, You can anything cancel your annual plan and upgrade to a higher or lower plan than current plan.

                    Yes, SpeedBot accepts payments made via UPI in India.

                    Yes, you can subscribe from any country. Please connect with us on sales@speedbot.tech. We will connect with you and onboard you as soon as possible.

                    You will be able to check the payment history by only using your payments app through which you have done the payment.

                    SpeedBot is a Cloud-based Algo Trading Platform. You can access your plan either through Web App or Mobile App.

                     Are these pricing plans only accessible in India or globally?

                    SpeedBot caters to market participants worldwide. Hence, we have generic pricing for all the markets across the globe. To know more about the pricing to trade in other markets connect with us on sales@speedbot.tech.

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