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Bot Templates are pre-created strategies based on the various strategic approach of Options trading derived out of the Technical Analysis. Each such template is re-built and ready to use. You can see all the templates in details, describing which Trading Symbol is traded, Entry and exit criteria, and the description notes explaining the logic behind these strategies.

Upon cloning these Template Bots - they are editable with all the Trading Rules visible in the Options strategy builder.

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Bearish Call Spread

NIFTY 50 | ( 937 Clones )
Market Outlook: Expecting a Bearish Market Movement

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Bullish Put Spread

NIFTY 50 | ( 1194 Clones )
Market Outlook: Expecting a Bullish Market Movement

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Short Strangle

NIFTY 50 | ( 800 Clones )

Market Outlook: Expecting Moderate to High Volatility

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Short Straddle

NIFTY 50 |  ( 1232 Clones )

Market Outlook: Anticipating Minimal Volatility in Nifty

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Short Iron Condor [ 4 Legged Strategy ]

NIFTY 50 | ( 1457 Clones )

Market Outlook: Anticipating Low to Moderate Volatility

Strategy: Combining Short Call and Put Spreads

Risk: Limited to the Width of the Spread Minus Net Premium Received

Reward: Limited, but Potential Profit from Range-Bound Market

Breakeven Points: Vary Depending on the Strike Prices of the Short Call and Put Spreads

Loss: If the Underlying Asset Moves Significantly Beyond the Range of Strike Prices

Considerations: Used in Low to Moderate Volatility, Profit from Range-Bound Markets, and Requires Monitoring for Risk Management

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Momentum Strategy Template

Momentum Master employs hedged strangles, offering an innovative approach to options trading.

Momentum Centric Approach

This Strategy approach to capitalize on market momentum, Momentum Master can profit from price swings in either direction.

Risk Management

In this Option Strategy template, strategic hedging reduces potential losses and enhances the overall risk-adjusted returns.

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Momentum Master 

NIFTY 50 | ( 1200 Clones )

Market Outlook: Expecting Moderate to High Volatility

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Advanced options strategies provide experienced traders with a wide range of tools to address specific market conditions.


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