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Provide with Scrips / Indexes you want to include in your Rules.

Save & Backtest

SpeedBot's accurate backtest result summarises the profitability and effectiveness of your Trade Rules 

Optimize The Rules

Learn lessons from Backtest.
Improve your rules.
Optimize your profitability.

Ready! PaperTest! &  Go...!

Track the behavior in Paper Test.
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Trading Community Members

For Derivative Trader,
Looking For Options Algo Trading?  

Explore SpeedBot Options Algo Strategy Builder.

Make trading easy by starting with a new custom trading bot that is super-tailored to meet your specific trading habits and financial situation on our platform.

Build your Trading Bot with a few clicks based on the strategy you follow. No Coding Skills required

SpeedBot Creator

Digital Transformation

The most intuitive way to inherit 100’s of trade strategies and use them at the push of a button. 

Our  Bot Creator  is a complete  No Code Solution  and allows you easily add your trading strategies, and technical indicators or combine  200+ Indicators  built into the platform. 

Just choose your risk profile, build your bot without the programming skills, test it, connect your trading accounts and your bot is  ready-to-trade .



Supports Technical Indicator

Setup your Trading Rules based on Technical Indicators like Moving Average, Various Strength Index like RSI, Etc
Decide the risk you're willing to take on each trade.

Simply choose your risk profile, build your bot without knowing any programming, link your trading accounts, and your bot is ready to trade.

It doesn't take much time; just set aside some time to figure out the price levels of the algorithmic indicators you've chosen. 

Even experienced traders come to us to double-check their new idea or automate their existing methods. After all, who knows the rules better than the one who made them?

Achieve Success in Options Trading with Our Powerful Algorithmic App!

SpeedBot's No-Code Creator enables you to create your own trading bot based on your technical rules. No need to learn programming! Add 200+ technical Indicators to generate Profit by the Smart and Emotionless Trade Bot.

Yes, SpeedBot 'NoCode' Bot Builder help users to create their own Strategies into a Trading Bot. Create Bots on various symbols, and define Entery/Exit rules, Capital Allocation and Stoploss. 

No, SpeedBot provides intutive UI to create your own Bot. Convert your own strategy into a Trading Bot with just few clicks.

Just Analyse your Strategy, Make a Bot defining the Trade Rules. Make sure you Save and Backtest it. Based on the Backtesting reports, optimize your strategy and deploy it for Paper Trading or Live mode.

Register Yourself And Strategize Your Own Trading Bot Now.

Disclaimer: The Strategic Trade Bots in the SpeedBot are created and published by the respective Publishers. The Investing user should not consider it as an Investment advised by SpeedBot or its employee. Also, SpeedBot or its employee is not liable for the Wrong Order placement of the strategy due to the false integration/setup of the Broker or Strategy by the Creator.