What is Options Trading and Options Strategy Builder?
For a novice trader, options trading can seem very daunting at first. However, it is the easiest way of diversifying one's portfolio without resorting to risky mutual funds and stock trading options. Trading with options can be highly lucrative as there is an 80% win ratio with a 5% ROI. Moreover, they provide a quick return; thus, you can forgo the stressful period of waiting for the prices to hit the optimum level. For such reasons, the options trading app for beginners is high on the internet search queries.

If you are among those looking for an entry into this extremely profitable industry, your search ends here. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the basics of algo trading and help you get started in this field.

What Is Options Trading?

Options trading involves the buying and selling of stocks by means of a brokerage platform. This is quite different from the complicated approach to stock trading, as options provide a simpler venue for trading. However, it still mandates that you check the market trends before investing. 

Options are an asset class that includes stocks, bonds, ETFs, and much more. While an investor can have a diverse portfolio in all of these asset classes individually, he can choose to do the same through options trading. The only differentiation lies in the method of the trade. For instance, you can buy a particular kind of asset for a company through traditional stock trading, but in this method, you can purchase a call option or put option based on market speculation. This enables traders to buy the stocks at a lower price.

Moreover, you can sell or purchase the underlying asset just like a regular stock. Several factors affect the price of the option. These are as follows:

  • Asset’s market value
  • Expiry date
  • Market volatility
  • Particular market situations

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Options can be highly rewarding; therefore, we recommend options algo trading for beginners who are trying to maximize their investments. Therefore, it would be a great strategy to learn about the specific types of Options trading.

Variants Of Options

Options trading has two basic positions, namely, call option and put option. Your decision regarding the option choice you employ depends on the terms and duration of the trade. For instance, in the case of future contracts that take a long time to sell, the options holder may choose to have a call option to procure the right to buy the underlying asset at a better price. 

Your purchase and selling decisions will depend on your estimation of the underlying asset’s future trajectory. The choice between the two option types depends on whether you think the price will increase or decrease. Let’s look at the two option types in detail.

1: Call Options

Call options afford an investor the right minus the obligation to purchase an underlying asset at a predetermined price within a specific time period. However, the purchase option remains viable as long as the expiry date of the contract is not reached. 

The trader has the advantage of determining the price of the underlying asset. Thereafter, he can purchase the asset at any point till the expiration date. Some algo trading software has the option of automatic execution of call options.

2: Put Options

Put options give you the liberty to sell the underlying asset even before the expiration day. The decision to sell is completely up to the trader and can be exercised at any time. The trader uses his discretionary right when he expects the price to fall. 

A trader will only purchase a put option when he expects the price of an asset to fall below a certain level. Therefore, when using options trading, the value of an option increases just as the value of an underlying asset starts to fall.

What Is An Options Strategy Builder?

To get started with options trading, you need to learn options algo strategy builder. An options strategy builder is a program that helps traders comprehend, customize, and create a whole suite of basic and sophisticated options strategies. The builder allows the trader to select a strategy, fix the strike prices or the expiry dates, and place the order.

These are the steps you need to follow when using an options strategy builder:

1) Select between the four options (Single-leg strategies, vertical spreads, straplines and strangles, calendar spreads ) and then click on the question mark button. Thereafter, you are shown a list of option contracts with varying strike prices. 

2) If you have employed multi-leg strategies like vertical spreads, straddles, strangles, and condors for assets having a single expiry date, you can use the strike price option to browse through the relevant strike prices in the first leg. If you select calendar spreads as the strategy, you will be required to fix the expiration date for the short-dated leg first followed by the long-dated leg. 

3) You can preview the strategy-specific information. 

4) Choose the strategy price, the quantity, and the limit price for the order. 

5) Review, edit, and then place your order.

Benefits Of Options Strategy Builder

Options algo trading for beginners can be overwhelming, but the benefits of options strategy builder can make the process easier. These are the advantages of using a builder: 
  • Backtesting: The trader uses historical data to understand the performance of the trading plan in the past. 
  • Risk Identification: A strategy builder is the perfect companion for executing trades in different market conditions so that the trader can become conscious of the hidden risks.
  • Highly Adaptability: A strategy builder enables traders to design a personal trading approach. 
  • Improves Efficiency: The automated approach prevents waste of time and effort.


Thus, to learn options algo trading for beginners, one must also learn to use an option strategy builder. If used properly, it can be a valuable tool in your repertoire. You can easily customize a winning trade plan and earn the maximum rewards. So, without wasting more time, choose an options strategy builder and get started with options trading.
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What is Options Trading and Options Strategy Builder?
Nildeep 25 January, 2024
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