How Algo Trading Makes it Easier to Grow & Protect Wealth in Stock Market?
Understanding the Power of Algo Trading in Growing and Safeguarding Your Stock Market Investments

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It would be 99.99% certain to say every one of us would be using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. Mobile apps. If you Like to use any of these Apps, Welcome to the World of Algorithms

You are not Just using Algorithms based Applications but also Loving them. Some are even addicted. Well, that is the Power of Algorithms.

That magnificent power of Algorithms is Now in the Stock market. Enabling you to Unlock better methods, concepts & Execution in Stock markets. More automation, better decision making, and Even new entrants to the Market can also Trade like a Big Bull.


Let’s see an example.

The market is Live, you are Interested to Buy stocks of 3 Different companies. Your target price to buy them is 100, 500 and 800 Rupees. 1st Company reaches 100 rupees & You’ve purchased it. Yey!! Success !! But wait, Hold on.

At the same time, the Other company’s stock price crossed 500 & is now at 570. A clear missed opportunity. Right?

You gave your Best focus and were Fully alert, But still missed. Not much any human can do about it.

And, This is Just one of a Thousand examples of Issues happening in Traditional stock market practices. A missed opportunity could still be Fine, At least you didn’t incur any Loss on missing that.

But, at times this can cost a Big big loss as well. Imagine you wanted to sell stock at a price of 5,000. You missed it for Some reason & is now crashed to a Low 2,000. Significant loss. The margin of Loss can range from Rs.5 to Rs.100 Crore.

Nobody likes to Incur a Loss. I mean, Who comes to the stock market to Lose Money? So to STOP LOSING MONEY & MISSING OUT PROFITS, Automated Stock Trading is Here.

What is Automated Stock Trading? 

You just ask the System to Buy 5 Stocks at a Particular price & It happens exactly like that. Even if All 5 Stocks hit the desired price at the same time. So you never miss out on any Profit Opportunity.

This was just one example, there are dozen more Advantages of Algorithmic Trading. Some of them are :

  • Laser accurate Trade executions,

  • History & Math model-based Predictions,

  • Super Fast execution speed,

  • Multi-signals Based Trade model,

  • Cost-Reduction Benefits

In some of the Situations, a Trader ends up making a Trade mistake being carried away Emotionally. Such human emotions take over your decision making can Result in Significant Losses. 

Whereas Algorithmic-based Stock trading is completely Immune to that. Algo trading is basically 100% Effective vaccine to Emotions impacted Stock Losses. The automated trading app will Take care of Your trading WITHOUT being Emotional at all.

Short term, midterm, Long term all Categories of Traders can Benefit from this. Completely New or Very low-level Experienced Traders can also Benefit by Using the Best Algo trading app in India. As the app not only makes it Simpler to do Stock trading but also Helps make better decisions.

Even some of the Highly experienced traders can also End up making wrong Trading decisions. There comes another Key advantage of Automated stock trading. These algorithms used for Trading are Very robustly Trained & then deployed.

Complex mathematics is mixed up with Decades of Historical Stock market Performance data. Every single Stock in the market is Monitored using Multiple signals & Technical analytics.

While looking to invest a specific amount into the Stocks, It can be a bit confusing to decide on Which stocks to Pick. Using the Best automated trading app in the market can do the Trick for you. You might not be Well knowledgeable to Watch through the Wider picture of the stock market & Analyse-it, But the App’s algorithms are.

Using Automated Trading App Can Lure Benefits Such As :

  1. Profitable Investment Opportunities,

  2. Exponential Portfolio Growth,

  3. Grasp In-Trend Opportunities,

  4. Technical Analytics,

  5. Volatility Protection,

  6. Trend Changing Indicators.

Going by the Recent history & Market movement patterns, Stock markets have been More volatile than Ever. Putting in your hard earner money deserved to be Invested in the Best possible manner. So that it Gets Optimal protection against large-scale market movements. 

Best implied practice to do that would be using Math & Analytics-based, Best Algo trading app in India. Reep the benefits of Arbitrage & Intraday trading along with Dozen's other Smart trading features. Features that would help achieve long-term financial goals, Protect your Fund against Big movements & also Grow them. 

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How Algo Trading Makes it Easier to Grow & Protect Wealth in Stock Market?
SpeedBot Team 24 March, 2022
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