How Profitable is Algorithmic Trading in 2024?
Know how can Algorithmic Trading affects your Trading results.

In the past 3 years time, the number of people Investing & Trading doubled in India. In the first year of the Pandemic, 2020 - Around 4 Lakh new people Entered the Trading arena every month. However, it rose to a Gigantic 20 Lakh new investors joining in Every month during 2021-22. This high influx unlocked a Huge potential for The Best algo trading app in India.   

The point is India’s Already huge trading lobby is growing & Growing rapidly. All the Investors being from All different walks of life have one thing in Common - They Want Profit. Simple, right?

A decades-old Trading concept of Algorithmic trading is Spreading quickly across the Market. Spreading faster than ever before. Algo trading can Help significantly to achieve that Profit Goal. How?

Let’s start with,

What is Algorithmic Trading?

A high-end engineering designed algorithm to help simplify Trade executions, make Better trade decisions and Mitigate Risk levels. In simple words, the Efficiency of trade execution & Chances of successful profitable Trade Increases multi-folds by Using algo trading over the traditional approach.

It’s a Trading assistant like Alexa, Google, and other Voice assistants. The trader gives in all the Details such as Which stock he’s interested in, budget, stock quantity, etc.

& The algo trading will make Near-perfect, Error Proof trading execution based on these data.

For example, Let’s say you want to buy 10 Shares of a Company for 100 Rupees each. What would a normal trader do? Wait for the Price to reach Rs. 100 and then Buy it.

That’s where Algo trading comes in. Algo Trading continuously monitors overall market movement, price fluctuations, and many other factors. Let’s understand this by an Example & See A Smart Way Of Investing In The Stock Market : 

If the algorithm’s various indicators strongly suggest that the Price may reach 90 Rupees within a few hours, then it won’t execute your Trade for 100. When the price reaches around Rs. 90 mark, It will be executed Near-Instantly.

The same 10 Shares of the company would have cost you Rs. 1000, But algo trading could Better see the Market than most Normal traders can and Got it for Rs. 900 only. A 10% Save is a Huge percentage in the World of Tradings. 

Benefits of Algo Trading :

Faster Trade Execution, Constant Market monitoring, and Heavy Fluctuations Protection are a Few of the Many Benefits of algo trading

Many a time, last-moment trading decisions are made due to a Lack of Emotional control. 90% of such emotional decisions have been reported to incur moderate to heavy Losses. Calculations should always have precedence over Emotions when it comes to Trade decisions.

A person might get Overwhelmed due to sudden Market movements & End up making wrong decisions. But, Algorithm knows no Emotion. Trading decisions are made that are in the Best Interest of the trader. Presenting a Full proof approach for those who are wondering about How to protect wealth in the stock market.

Historical data & data analysis helps algo trading make much Better decisions on which stocks to pick, how much to invest in them, and at What price, as well.

Genius at Fingertips :

In the early days (1970-2000), Algo trading was highly expensive and Unaffordable for Everyday Individual traders like You & me. In the last few years, the Cost has reduced significantly and You can use such Brilliance of Technology as your Trade assistant at a Very Affordable cost. 

Using the Best automated trading app will let you Unleash the Full Power of Algo trading and Start your Journey upward toward Profit. SpeedBot is one great App to do that. It allows you to Choose from multiple Trading bots based on different criteria like Momentum, Trending etcetera. 

SpeedBot also provides Backtesting reports for each of them. Additionally, You can create your own bots for Investments. These apps are Smartly trained to analyze market behaviors and Rigorous monitoring Market dynamics. Thus, more efficient trades can be executed. 

Algo trading has become much more powerful than it was during its early days. Thanks to powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science & Machine learning models Implicated in this Best Algo trading app in India.

Market Closes, Algo Trading Improvises :

The biggest plus point of the Algo trading software is its Constant updation approach. Apart from Historical market data of the Past 30 Years, everyday latest market data is also Fed into the Algo trading model to make it even more powerful.

More than 90% of the Traders are unaware of what is happening in the International markets and It’s important to know because it does Impact our Markets as well.

That’s another Plus one with Algorithmic trading. Best Algo trading app in India would Continuously monitor Important International markets which can directly or indirectly impact the Indian local market. 

The Biggest benefit of this feature is that It will help you make more profits if the international conditions are Favourable, Whereas it will also prompt you From Investing and Protect you from Significant losses that can occur due to Fluctuating movements in the Global Market.

Conclusion :

To have the Best shot at Profit and Safe passage through the Ups & Downs of the Market, Using algo trading should be a no-brainer and Recommended by Market experts. Just pick the Top algo trading apps & Get started with Your journey

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How Profitable is Algorithmic Trading in 2024?
SpeedBot Team 4 April, 2022
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