Why Algo Trading Is Best Compared To Traditional Trading? Advantages & Disadvantages
Explore The Advantages and Disadvantages Between Algo Trading And Traditional Trading.
Algo trading gives 5 times more power to Traders compared to traditional trading. High-end technology implementation, data-driven decisions & many other factors make quality Algo trading much more powerful than traditional trading. Read along & find out more about it :

Can Anyone Use Algo Trading?

The answer is Yes. An investor with a large budget or a middle-class person making small investments can benefit from algorithmic trading. Basically, it's the same game you're used to, but it's Billion times better thanks to better technology.

Automated algo trading apps were recommended by expert traders. Among the many benefits of this app are its simplicity and accessibility to all the great features of algorithmic trading.

5 Biggest Advantages of Algo Trading 

1) Safety Factor

By safety, here we are talking about safety from Human Emotions caused losses. Human emotions play a huge role in the outcome of a trade. Be it loss or profit. According to a study, emotions based decision-making has officially made a Big amount of Loss in trades.

The reason is the traders make decisions based on gut feelings & string of emotions. That's not the right way to go about it. Consider a situation in which you are unfamiliar with a particular stock. Then you just feel like - Let's buy this, it will make a fortune, but sooner or later it crashes.

The damage is already done. With algo trading, you are extremely safe from these losses. It provides multiple, high quality data based. Make 100% sure that all trading decisions are super robust and you will be protected against market crashes. A very user-friendly & free algo trading app in India is a great place to start.

2) Easily Scaling Up & Multiple Account Executions :

If someone is punching large trading orders on a discretionary basis then it is next to impossible to manage a huge capital on a single and multiple accounts. Algo Trading helps traders to automate trading strategies and place trades in such a way that scaling up is possible.

It also helps traders to run a single strategy on multiple broker account or multiple accounts with ease. Reportedly, thousands of traders switched from traditional to algorithmic trading. Leading free Algo Trading all in India is also preferred by the majority of these users.

3) Unbeatably Faster & Accurate :

Algo Trading is believed to be much faster than manual and conventional trading. It executes & performs trades before our human brains can even recognize it. Nearly lightning fast. Giving traders the power to book every smallest profit margin possible. So powerful !

Along with speed, the 2nd equally powerful advantage with Algo Trading is Accuracy. Your entire trading strategy is implemented to point precision. Every trade is executed at dot accurate prices, figure & timelines. Another factor where it proves to be a 100x better choice than traditional trading.

An Accuracy beyond decimals. That's the power of Quality Algo Trading.

4) Reduce Your Circle of Focus :

Compared to conventional trading methods, you have to focus on much Lesser areas with Algo Trading. If you had to worry about 20-25 things, then it comes down to just 5-6 things in Algo Trading.

Like you don't have to constantly monitor current price, price movements which way the trends are moving, keep an eye for Big crashes or upward movements. All of these factors are super efficiently taken care of by the best Algo Trading app in India.

If the price goes above or below a certain price that you decided - Algo Trading will automatically execute it. If a new pattern is forming that can make Good profits, it will inform you instantly so you can Book profits. The same goes for protection against huge market crashes. So, you can exit the market without losing money.

Choose the best options Trading app & experience the quality Algo Trading beforehand. So, you only have to focus on major decision making, while Algo Trading takes care of the rest.

5) Backtesting & Totally Fullproof

Be very clear on this - Algo Trading is a 100% Algorithm-based system. Which makes it full proof of errors or mistakes. Whether you are looking for the Best options trading app or Trending trades, Algo tradings has you covered.

You have your trading strategy - Instead of implementing in the real market as you do in Traditional trading, Algo trading gives an extra layer of safety. That is Trading strategy backtesting. Your strategy is thoroughly rectified to the core & picks out every minor mistakes left in the strategy or point where it can be improved.

That's where the money is. So, before your strategy is implemented in a real market, Backtesting, has improved it at least 10x. Expert traders recommend back backtesting engine with an automated algo trading app to get the best trading results.


1. Challenges of regularly evolving market conditions. Tradings markets keep changing every now and then. So, Algo Trading also has to keep upgrading itself to perform at its best & providing traders with Good profits. You don't need to pay for these for these trading applications. Excellent free Algo Trading app in India ia a very visible & widely trusted options.

2. Using Algo Trading requires good quality comouter devices and good internet connectivity. Which is majorly not a big issue in now days. But it is must be kept in mind that users must be maintaining Good computer devices + fast internet connectivity regularly. This shall help the Traders take full leverage of the Best options trading app as well as the automated algo trading app to make profitable algorithmic trading.

3. Yes Algo Trading implements a trading strategy to 100% after backtesting. It happens sometimes that a trader suddenly realizes with Logic that a change should be made in strategy. But since the strategy is already under implementation. You can't make sudden changes after deploying it.

Yet, a good solution will be to double-check strategy before deployment which you can check out in India's favourite algo trading apps. Even after that a need for changes arises, pull the trigger & exit traders at Safest available point. The best Algo Trading app in India is a good choice for smooth trading day-to-day. 


Why Algo Trading Is Best  Compared To Traditional Trading? Advantages & Disadvantages
SpeedBot Team 8 September, 2022
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