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SpeedBot Discover is full of pre-built trading and investment strategy bots built by expert trading strategists. 

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Take your share of multi-million profits by either trading with bots and algorithms in the SpeedBot Marketplace or hiring bots by Creators. Find the bot that suits you best, challenge them to a test, and when convinced hit the start button for automatic algorithmic trading.

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Don't worry if you only understand the annual returns! Rest details can be explored once you start Paper Testing without Investing Real Money.

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With SpeedBot you can follow the best-rated Creator bots and replicate their trades by subscribing to their bots from our  SpeedBot Marketplace . Trading  Knowledge is really not essential.

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Turn your trading bot into a money-making machine. Build an efficient strategy, list it in the marketplace, and let others  Hire  your bot.

Benefit for Everyone

With SpeedBot we connect Creators and Followers. The Followers  Hire Trade Bots  that earn profit while they are away. 

When a bot earns profit, the Creator gets a share of it from the Follower who has hired the bot.

New! Options TradeBots

Explore NIFTY Theta Hunters

Bots trading NIFTY Options with a safe and Market Neutral approach accumulating profits from Theta decay. These Bots are Options Neutral making slow and steady profits. NEW!!


Opener  TradeBots

Unidirectional options writing for Nifty/BankNifty. The bot will trade 1 lot of Call & 1 lot of Put intraday.

Opener ( Banknifty 925 )

▲ ₹6,61,262.50
Annual Return↑40.9%,Max DD↓6.2%

Opener ( Nifty 925 )

▲ ₹1,62,215.00
Annual Return↑31.4%,Max DD↓13.8%

Slip & Gully TradeBots  

Unidirectional options writing for Nifty/BankNifty. The bot will trade 2 lots of Call & 2 lots of Put in intraday.

Slip & Gully ( Power of 2| BANKNIFTY )

▲ ₹10,20,300.00
Annual Return ↑29.7%, Max DD ↓7.1%

Slip & Gully ( Power of 2| NIFTY )

▲ ₹3,66,152.50
Annual Return ↑20.5%, Max DD ↓9.9%

How Can Algo Creators Benefit?

Platform to display your Strategy building:

Apply your Strategies to a Trading Bot, Test it, and make it Live for Auto-Trading. 

List your bot available on the SpeedBot Marketplace. Earn on the basis of followers subscribing to your Bot.

  • Generate profit by making your bot Live, and publishing it to the Marketplace

  • Take suggestions from your subscribers and enhance your bots accordingly.

  • Make money without having to put up a lot of money upfront - all that matters is your trading strategy.

  • We just display your bot stats, and never reveal the strategies applied to it.

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Why would an Investor Rent a Bot?

Do not have time to build your own Bot? No worries, Just hire a bot from SpeedBot Marketplace after testing and make it Live to trade in place of you while you are away or working.

  • You can connect to your favorite  Broker App

  • Explore our marketplace with already successful bots and hire them to  trade on your behalf of you

  • Keep yourself updated about your Bot and connect with  Creator  if any issues.

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SpeedBot Marketplace is where Traders meet Bots - Bots for the trading strategies. Browse through the Bots, categorized based on your Investment Style.  Get detailed report & Analyse the Trade Bot's performance criteria and Compare.

Just go through the Bot Marketplace and Click onto your preferred Strategy. Then Clock on "Paper Trading" to subscribe the bot on PaperTrading Mode and click on "Go Live" to subscribe the bot on Live Bot.

SpeedBot Marketplace allows you to publish your strategy into their marketplace. You can subscribe and publish Trading Bots from Marketplace.

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Disclaimer: The Strategic Trade Bots in the Marketplace are created and published by the respective Publishers. The Investing user should not consider it as an Investment advised by SpeedBot or its employee. Also, SpeedBot or its employee is not liable for the Wrong Order placement of the strategy due to the false integration/setup of the Broker technological platform glitch or due to the Strategy Bot creators Rules glitch which is solely designed by respective Creator/Publisher.