Do Algorithmic Traders Make Money With Algo Trading App?
Algorithmic trading is the latest buzzword in the world of investment and trading. Also called automated trading, black-box trading, or simply algo-trading, this type of trading uses an automated computer program where a specific set of instructions or algorithm is followed to conduct trade.

If you are a trader and want to learn more about algorithmic trading and how it helps to make money, then here we are with all the details. 

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Whether algorithmic or discretionary, trading is challenging. It needs a long time and a huge effort to master the skill so that the person can make enough money.

In this type of trading, there are certain instructions related to price, quantity, timing, and more. The traders can trade through the Algo trading platform not just to make profits but make the trading more systematic and market liquid. Algorithmic trading uses a combination of programming and financial markets to perform trade at the right time. Algorithmic trading eliminates the risk of emotional trade, ensure higher efficiency, and low trading fees, and place orders without losing much time.

How Does It Work?

Algorithmic traders, also called algo traders, are the people who use automation while conducting trading and analyzing the same. They run an automated program or script on the device to execute the trades as per the set guidelines.

The best part about the algo trading on the app is that the traders have enough free time to do things other than trading. Though it is also a matter of fact that algo traders need to do a lot of work, especially in the beginning. However, this work does not include manual analysis of the trade markets, putting the orders, and closing the deals. The algo traders focus on exploring the market, conducting deep research, finding trading edges, underwriting scripts, testing the efficacy of the strategies, and keep checking frequently that the system is running fine after the setup of trading algos.

Compared to the other traditional forms of trading,  Algorithmic Trading in 2023 offers a lot of choices. Algorithmic traders can keep trading using many strategies simultaneously. They can diversify the strategies in a range of different markets including day trading, position trading, etc.

Algo trading is more concerned about finding trading edges, devising new strategies, writing scripts, knowing to do coding in trading, and researching a lot.

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How Does It Let The Algorithmic Traders Make Money?

As mentioned earlier, the algorithmic trader needs to develop the right trading approach and a long-term robust trading strategy to make money. It is important to know when is the right time for the device to enter and exit the trade. The trader must write commands and scripts as per the guidelines and rules that guarantee an edge in the trading market.

#Market Research

The traders need to have a fair idea of what performed the best in the past, and then replicate the same. This is one of the main aspects of creating a robust trading strategy. You may find it a bit weird that the traders may use strategies that have not worked well in the past and have recorded not great profits. But sometimes the new traders in the market have the confidence to make it works, using their intuition and gut feeling.

When the strategy and developed and followed without doing market research, there is a high chance that it will fail. Poor trading strategies have led to many instances when traders have lost all their money. Most experienced algorithmic traders use stringent research methods to ensure that their strategy works and they are able to create a sturdy trading system. So, algorithmic traders make money by studying the markets, finding the trading edges, doing searches, and gathering trading ideas. Reading financial journals is one of the best places to look for the best trading theories. 

#Strategy Development

Once the traders are done searching and finding ideas to work with, it is time to develop the strategy. This is the time when the algo traders effectively execute promising ideas and strategies to record profits. The algo traders modify them and create a more efficacious trading strategy. The details such as setting the trade entry and exit, ways to stop losses, following norms to write a script, and providing useful commands to the computers, etc. are laid out.

Here are some of the most common Algorithmic Trading in 2023 strategies. Mean reversion is a strategy that has the belief that the mean price that reaches up and down always reverts when it moves away. When the price rises above the mean, this is a short trade. When it moves lower than the mean, a long trade is recorded. As per another trend-following strategy or momentum strategy, there are impulse price swings in the trend direction. Different criteria help traders know what makes a trade and code their scripts. Biased strategies are related to individual markets, depending on the market tendency.


After the trading scripts are written, it is critical to test the strategies. This is to see how the strategies would perform in case the same are traded. There are trading platforms that offer strategy testing too. Examining the result of the testing, the trader knows what to do next. It helps the trader know whether to continue with the strategy, modify the same, discard it, etc.

#Forward Testing

Now, the algo traders are also expected to test the developed strategies in the real market. Forward testing helps the trader know whether the strategy is useful and effective in a live market. Though forward testing is time-consuming and needs an ample sample size to get the correct results, it is good to do. However, there is a walk-forward alternative too.


Now is the time to implement the strategies that have proven successful. The strategies that have performed well are implemented and executed. Though it needs close and frequent monitoring too. 

Wrapping up

Based on the chosen strategies and capital allocation, the traders can make a lot of money while trading on the Algo Trading App. On average, if a trader goes for a 30% drawdown and uses the right strategy, they can make a whopping return of around 50 to 90%. It is another fact that algorithmic trading is considered more profitable than discretionary trading. Since algorithmic trading is back as well as forward tested, the traders know their trading edge odds. Historical strategies also take the traders ahead and allow them to maximize the chances of recording high profitability in the live market environment.
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Do Algorithmic Traders Make Money With Algo Trading App?
Nisarg S 17 January, 2023
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