How To Implement The Expiry Day Nifty Option Strategy For 50 Times The Profit?
Let's focus on the Expiry Day Nifty Option Strategy. If you're interested in options trading, you may have heard of the Expiry Day Nifty Option System, a unique strategy that can yield 50 times profits. This method uses options contracts to profit on Nifty Index price fluctuations. This method is only for some.

Execution needs skill and discipline. While the rewards are enormous, the risks are as significant. Traders must carefully control risk through position sizing and stop-loss orders to avoid catastrophic losses. 

The Expiry Day Nifty Option Method is undoubtedly worth examining if you're an experienced trader trying to advance your skills. With the help of an Options Strategy Builder, you can quickly apply this strategy and potentially profit from high-risk, high-reward options trading.

What Is The Expiry Day In The Stock Market?

Options trading is a standard method in the Indian stock market, where traders can profit from monthly futures and options contracts for companies and indexes that expire on the last Thursday of the month.

This means traders must settle their positions before contract expiration, which may enhance market volatility. But, with the introduction of weekly expiry contracts for the Nifty and Bank Nifty indices, active traders now have more trading options. These weekly contracts expire every Thursday, allowing traders to profit from sharp price swings in either direction.

If Thursday is a holiday, the expiry will occur on the last trading day. To take advantage of these trading chances, traders can use Options Algo Trading, a powerful tool that uses complicated algorithms to make trades automatically depending on pre-set parameters.

Is Trading Work On Expiry Day?

Expiry day trading lets traders profit from market price changes. Nonetheless, it's crucial to comprehend how trading operates nowadays and how to maximize profits.

●All options, ITM and OTM, have a zero time value on the expiration day. This means that options are solely based on their intrinsic value, the difference between the underlying asset's strike price and the current market price. If the Nifty strike price is 18,250, a call option with a strike price of 18,500 will be worth almost nothing at noon, whereas a call option with a strike price of 18,150 will be worth about 100 because it is ITM.

● Every ITM option will behave more like a Future than an expiration option. The time value component of the option is virtually zero, so its value is only decided by its intrinsic value.

● On expiration day, the Delta, which measures how much the option's price will move for every point change in the underlying asset's price, would be 1 or 0. Delta is close to 0 for OTM and 1 for ITM.

● One method to speed up your trading is using an options trading app to monitor market trends and quickly make decisions on expiry day.

How Can Traders Approach Trading On Expiry Day?

One method is to focus on ITM options with a strike price close to the underlying asset's market price. This is because these options have the highest inherent value and are more likely to move in the direction of the underlying asset's price.

But, traders should also be aware that there may be higher levels of volatility on expiry day. It can cause significant price moves in either direction. Trading on expiry day can be rewarding for traders with the appropriate plan. Using tools like Delta can assist traders in understanding the risks and rewards of expiry-day trading.

Things To Note For Expiry Day

Expiry day can be very volatile and unpredictable in the stock market, and many traders lose money due to the market's commotion and whipsaws. The expiry day nifty option technique can be rewarding if done correctly.

● This method suits beginners and does not require solid technical analysis skills.

● By knowing where Nifty expires, traders can increase their capital by 50 or more.

● The expiry day technique requires treating the stock market like a sword and understanding how to use it.

● While the market might be challenging, the perfect Options Strategy Builder can quickly turn a one-rupee investment into a significant return.

When Calls Expire, What Happens?

Options are contracts that give the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a defined price before an expiration date. When a call option expires, it is worthless and is no longer traded.

The buyer can exercise the option to purchase the underlying asset at a price lower than the current market value if the option expires above the strike price, which indicates that the option is "in the money." In this instance, the option seller must sell the underlying asset to the buyer at the agreed-upon price.

The buyer will receive a profit, the difference between the strike price and the market value minus any commission and taxes paid. If the option expires below the strike price, it's "out of the money."

In this situation, the buyer will not exercise the option, and the seller will keep the premium. The buyer loses premiums, brokerage, and taxes. Investors can make better trading judgments by understanding options and expiration.

Expiry Day Nifty Option Strategy Money Management

Proper money management is essential for the effective expiry day Nifty option strategy. Only invest over 2% of your cash in this approach if there is no stop-loss. Your maximum loss is the option premium. Use 50-point open interest numbers, like 9450, to fine-tune your Nifty expiry levels.

In this situation, you can trade 9450 calls or puts based on the market's predicted direction. Using an options trading app can help you swiftly monitor market trends and make decisions on expiry day, which is one approach to expedite your trading.

With real-time market data and customizable alerts, options trading software can simplify expiry-day trading. Managing risk and making wise choices are the keys to successful trading. The expiry day Nifty option strategy can be successful for traders with good money management and tools.


Trading nifty options on the expiry date is an excellent opportunity to earn profit. However, many traders tend to lose money instead of gaining. According to some expert traders, the expiry day is a money-making day only if you can predict the expiry day stock trends and price movements.

The traders can make money either way by selling or buying options. Also, options trading apps are beneficial in predicting expiry day trends. And here, we have discussed everything you should know about expiry day Nifty options strategy returns.


If you sell your options on the expiry day, your options will be well-spent. The premium, taxes, and brokerage you paid will also go to waste. But if your options are at the money on the expiry day, you will face additional taxes and STT that will affect your profit. An Algo trading software can help you learn whether to sell your options on the expiry day or hold them for gain.
When the calls expire, it usually does not work in the options trading. And if the calls expire above the strike price, you will get the last premium you paid (taxes and brokerage are excluded). 

On the other hand, if the calls expire below the strike price, you will lose the real money of the premium, taxes, and brokerage you have always paid. Also, when you use the options algo app, you can learn the best time to profit from your calls.
The expiry day in options trading is when monthly futures and options for indices and stocks expire. For instance, the options for stocks and indices and monthly futures expire every last Thursday of the month in the Indian stock market. 

Traders use the options strategy builder app to trade in the market. However, these days, a weekly expiry day (every Thursday) is followed by Bank nifty and nifty.
Yes, traders can sell options even on the expiry day. However, they must ensure the selling strategy will profit them, or it can lead to a significant loss. 

Many newbie traders lose money when they do not pick the right strategy and sell their options in FOMO. Thus, experts suggest the use of options trading apps. An options trading app helps develop the right trade strategy on the expiry day.
The stock market is risky, and trading involves several volatilities. However, trading on expiry can lead to loss if you do not strategize your move wisely.

Expiry day can also become money-making if you trade your options according to the flow. This entirely depends on the market price movement and the decision you make. And if your prediction is accurate, you can earn a significant profit instead of a loss.
Yes, according to the options trading experts, the expiry day Nifty options strategy can earn 50 times the return. However, a trader can only acquire the benefits when strategizing their trading move and predicting the price movement well.

An algo or options trading app can help you trade your options using algorithms and other strategies to make your trading more successful.

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How To Implement The Expiry Day Nifty Option Strategy For 50 Times The Profit?
Nildeep 10 July, 2023
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