Learn Options Algo Strategy Builder

Learn Options Algo Strategy Builder

Options Algo Strategy Builder is the Tool in SpeedBot Algo Trading Platform to create easy to complex Options Trading Strategy. This course covers the key features as an introduction about mastering the strategy builder creating the sample options strategy rules and using the SpeedBot backtesting Tools to validate the strategy.

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SpeedBot Options Strategy Builder Features In Hindi (Part-1)
SpeedBot Options Strategy Builder helps traders create custom options strategies without coding, backtesting, and optimizing current option trading strategies. SpeedBot is designed to help traders reduce their trading risk, is easy to manage, and improves their profitability. With this video, we try to explain all the features of the options strategy builder based on the inputs from many SpeedBot users to get a video in Hindi.

Below we try to explain some of the main features of SpeedBot Options Builder :

The SpeedBot Options Strategy Builder supports various trading strategies such as Intraday, STBT/BTST, leg, straddle, strangle, spread, iron fly, and iron condor. These strategies can be customized according to the trader's risk tolerance and trading style. For example, a trader who prefers low-risk trades can choose a strategy like the iron condor, while a trader who prefers high-risk trades can choose a strategy like the straddle.

In addition, the SpeedBot Options Strategy Builder includes features like Stop loss to cost, entry time, and strategy TSL. These features can help traders manage their trades more effectively and reduce their trading risk.

Thus, SpeedBot Options Strategy Builder is a powerful tool for traders who want to optimize their option trading strategies. It allows traders to create and customize different strategies based on their risk tolerance and trading style.

00:00 Introduction to SpeedBot Options Strategy Builder
00:40 Giving Name to Strategy
00:44 Use Spot as ATM & Futures as ATM
02:06 Name Strategy Set
03:05 Leg Setup
03:33 Contract Type
06:22 Momentum
07:47 Target Profit
10:32 Trail Stop Loss
12:14 Straddle
13:12 Move Stop Loss to Cost
14:29 Entry Time
14:50 Set Target Profit
15:47 Set Stop Loss
16:19 Copying the Set
17:28 Strategy Stop Loss
18:05 Strategy Target Profit
18:57 Strategy TSL
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